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Competentum brings an exceptional group together with a shared passion in education and science. The team solves tasks in innovative ways, always challenging traditional approaches through cutting-edge technology.

Competentum creates:

  • Interactive e-Learning resources for K12 with deep understanding and consideration for the curriculum and child psychology.
  • Engaging corporate courses with measurable outcomes that continually satisfy our users.
  • Scientifically accurate and fully accessible
    (ADA compliant) virtual labs, simulations, end of chapter exercises and eBooks for Higher Ed.
  • Electronic versions of your printed books in PDF, ePub, Kindle, and iBook formats, using the latest Adobe, iBook Author, and Inkling Habitat technologies.

What people say about us

Competentum is quick to respond to emails, always helpful, and thoughtful. Project Manager goes above and beyond to help out and always gives very useful feedback and advice.

Elizabeth Woods | Content Developer

This is honestly amazing how Competentum team were able to edit and narrate the material so seamlessly. I am impressed!!

Victoria Garvey | Associate Editor

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