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    of Excellence

    A team of scientists and educators
    with comprehensive software
    development skills, Competentum
    creates game-changing learning

    The mindset that drives thousands
    of projects to be the best of its kind.

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    With continuous improvement,
    adaptive planning and flexible
    response to change -
    Competentum is the #1 vendor
    for complex education solutions.

    This approach helps to deliver
    high-class content and software.

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    World Trust

    With over twenty years in business
    and more than a million educational
    objects, Competentum has proven
    itself as a reliable vendor.

    The size of the repetitive business
    from clients across the globe
    speaks for itself.

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    Cherishing the culture of inquiring
    minds, the team is keen to explore
    ways to overcome the most
    difficult challenges.

    Ecstatic students and over 30 top
    industry awards suggest that
    there is no shortage of new ideas.


Software Development

Innovative LMS platforms and tools, scientifically accurate simulations and virtual labs created by a team of professional educators with a wide range programming skills.

Apps & Courses

Full range of HTML5, Cross-Platform, Mobile, eReader Apps and digital courses to facilitate learning anytime and anywhere.

Content Authoring

Sophisticated academic content and assessments as well as corporate training courses created by experts with experience in the field.

Quality Assurance

Rigorous content and functional testing coupled with profound automated and load testing expertise certify that your product satisfies the highest industry standards.


700 000
Learning Objects
e-Learning Experts
Patented Products
Years in Business


juicy raspberry
Innovative UGML-based Technology for Juicy Animation

UGML makes it possible to develop high quality animations while having fallbacks to other HTML5 based technologies like Canvas or CSS when vector based animations are not feasible.  This technology effectively addresses the challenges companies face around rendering HTML5 content, the quality of graphical elements and the limitations of different devices around vector art.

Teenager looking at his phone
The Ultimate Guide to Mobile Frameworks

Learning to make the right decision requires understanding how each type of development works and how it affects the result.

Innovative Handwriting Assessment Recognition Tool

Most of today’s modern education consists of teaching and evaluating what the student has learned. Assessment is a vital part of the process, as it tracks the learner’s progress and can identify stumbling blocks.

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