Competentum Group and Mobile Learner Labs announced today that the two companies have entered into a definitive merger agreement pursuant to which Competentum will acquire all of MLearner’s patents, licenses, and resource centers. The merger is expected to be immediately accretive to Competentum Group and will enhance the position of the company as a worldwide leader in e-Learning technology. Read more.


At Competentum, we combine high-level IT skills with profound subject knowledge to bring our clients scientifically accurate e-Learning platforms.

Our developers are experts in their fields. Their depth of knowledge will save you development time and provide you with finished products of exceptional quality — 95% of our developers and project managers have completed masters degrees in the top technical universities of Eastern Europe.

  • Save time on writing detailed specifications

    We speak your technical language. Your SMEs won't need to explain where the mitochondria is situated in a cell, or the difference between alpha and beta glucose. Freeing up your time, and ours, for development of the best possible product in the time available.

  • Collaboration with our experts will result in products of the highest quality

    Because the team members are all experts in your subject, they can contribute at all stages of production, not just in QA. For example, in Intermediate Math testbank authoring projects, the probablility of a mistake in the final content is less than 0.001%.


    Because our experts already understand your content, you can skip the arduous process of estimating how long it will take for your vendor to understand your subject. As a result, we can provide you with accurate estimates for the delivery of your finished project. With our team, you can feel confident that you will meet your deadlines successfully without sacrificing accuracy or quality.


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