Quality Assurance

Functional Testing

To create resources of the best quality, Competentum tests the software in the most rigorous way, using different approaches for superior results. The most profound assessments are built on functional testing. This important process verifies that your e-Learning resources are ready for release. With functional testing that ignores the internal parts and focuses on the output, Competentum confirms that the software is geared to the functional specifications given at the beginning of the project.

With the list of final specification in hand, the functional testing typically involves next steps:

  • The creation of input data based on the specifications.
  • The determination of output based on the functional specifications.
  • The execution of the test case.
  • The comparison of actual and expected outputs.
  • Check whether the application works as per the customer need.

Our in-house professional QA team is familiar with the most innovative and efficient testing processes. That is why the QA phase is fast and efficient at Competentum.

What people say about us

"Our relationship with OpenTeach (Competentum Group) has been outstanding and astounding. In addition to excellent and broad skills in computer programming, scientific modeling, and product design, the team at OT are excellent problem solvers, hard workers and wonderful people to work with."

Patrick Call | CTO and Senior Vice President

"The simulations are really nice. I am pleased very much to work with this talented group."

Professor Alan Van Heuvelen | Department of Physics

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