Software Development

WebRTC-Based Tech

Moving progress forward, Competentum offers custom software development of WebRTC-Based video-conference systems. Our solutions deliver excellent user experience and can be builtĀ on a ready software, a turnkey system, or with a system using our own IP.

The following functionality is typical for the platforms we build around WebRTC technology:

  • Scheduling meetings and matching student-to-teacher
  • Plug-ins for real-time interaction: whiteboard, chat, file upload, presentation upload and sharing, screen sharing, and more.
  • Meeting workflow management: mute participants, hand raise, work in groups, etc.
  • On-line assessment system: custom problem types, polls.
  • Meeting recorder: with the choice to save on the hardware or cloud storage such as Amazon S3
  • Computer vision applications: suspicious activity analysis, face recognition, etc.
  • Deep session reporting and analytics

Applications of WebRTC-based video-conference solutions:

  • Online tutoring and online testing
  • Online exams/proctoring
  • Virtual classrooms and small group collaborations
  • Educational group games
  • Webinars
  • Corporate meetings
  • Telemedicine
  • Security systems

Our clients love Set2Meet, our instant communication browser add-on tool based on WebRTC technology. Check out how it looks.