Quality Assurance

Load & Performance Testing

Competentum devotes considerable resources to make sure its software satisfies the demanding audience. To keep up with the high standards, the company runs Load and Performance QA. To do that, the team develops algorithms that are unique to the reviewed software. This software tests the system behavior under a heavy load or unusual user behavior.

The main purpose of load testing is to assign the system the largest job it could possibly handle to test the endurance and monitor the results. With such software, Competentum makes sure that the claimed capacity of the system is indeed accurate.

The test could provide some in-depth information on the weakest parts of the systems and, therefore, clues to improve them.


Performance testing delivers information on how the components of a system are performing, given a particular situation.

Testing also validates resource usage, scalability and reliability of the e-Learning resources. It is implemented under thorough supervision of software engineers, who are focused on addressing performance issues in the design and architecture of the software.