Set2Meet and the EdTech Cool Tool Award

Competentum Group, the globally recognized high-end EdTech developer, is proud to announce that one of its prominent solutions, Set2Meet, applied to compete with other communication solutions for the EdTech Cool Tool Award this year brought by EdTech Digest

Key Takeaways from findcourses.com’s L&D Benchmarking Survey 2018

Findcourses.com surveyed a number of L&D professionals from companies across the country in order to learn how they measure their impact, invest in talent, and how different levels within the organization feel about corporate training.

Accessibility Assessment - Competentum to the Rescue for ADA Compliance

Fully accessible product development requires much more effort than it seems at first glance. Students with different types of disabilities use various assistive technologies. This means that you have to consider different use cases to meet all users expectations when creating accessible materials.

A Guide to an Automated Assessment Content Development in STEM

Today, STEM problem development is a fully manual effort.  This requires substantial time, effort, and potentially, cost.The good news is, an automated approach to STEM problem development addresses all these issues, and this approach is within our grasp

Pearson Mastering: Competentum Accuracy Checking Case Study

If STEM instructors and students notice accuracy lapses in Pearson’s products, it causes a loss of confidence and a loss of business for Pearson. In this case study you will learn how Competentum’s Accuracy Checking team works with Pearson on STEM projects, eliminating errors and delivering excellence at a competitive cost.

Our Services and Our WebRTC-Based Product - Set2Meet

Competentum is a highly trained team on your side to implement a WebRTC-based solution either as a web or native application. We work with any system available in the industry, and know what the best EdTech product should be like – user-friendly, engaging, flawless.


Read how to create a great one-to-one tutoring experience or an Uber-like marketplace to connect experts and clients

Agile Content Development in the Digital Age

We have all seen the news headlines involving the struggles of many publishing companies as they make the shift from print to digital, and their impact on the bottom line. At Competentum, we see a benefit for educational publishers to make the shift to agile, or iterative, content development, to help address these struggles.

Innovative UGML-based Technology for Juicy Animation

UGML makes it possible to develop high quality animations while having fallbacks to other HTML5 based technologies like Canvas or CSS when vector based animations are not feasible.  This technology effectively addresses the challenges companies face around rendering HTML5 content, the quality of graphical elements and the limitations of different devices around vector art.