Cutting Edge Voice Assessment Recognition Tool

21st-century technology innovation has influenced the teaching and learning process dramatically. The internet and cloud storage have largely replaced binders and books. Traditional chalkboards have nearly disappeared and most textbooks have become interactive.

We are now on the brink of a new and exciting phase of evolution in edTech. Innovative assistive technology with features including voice recognition tools are taking education to the next level. In so many aspects of educational materials, especially assessment, this feature is a breakthrough for those in need. 

Competentum Group is pleased to announce the development of Voice ART – a cutting edge Voice Assessment Recognition Tool.

This innovative tool resolves many challenges during complex testing and results evaluation. It dramatically helps students with special needs or limited language skills. It also has capabilities that can even capture voice recognized complex formulas and/or graphs. Voice ART’s comprehensive tool is truly remarkable is its ability to complete a broad range of assessment types including open ended questions using voice commands.


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