Competentum Full-Stack Mobile Applications


At Competentum, we built our first educational mobile application in 2010. Since then, mobile applications have become part of our wide range of services. We apply native technologies and the best available solutions for mobile application development. In addition to web view and adaptive design, we use React Native and Xamarin to provide mobile LMS experience with native interface and performance. Available on-the-go, user-friendly, and engaging, our mobile apps for platforms instantly boost your competitive value.

Mobile compatibility in browser

Mobile Compatibility for Your Product

1. Mobile compatibility in browser (no app)

It is the quickest option to design your web application interface in either mobile-first or adaptive fashion. Embracing progressive web app technology with service workers, you can provide offline mode and access to some device capabilities, like camera, right from the browser.

This option works great when building a native app is not cost-effective.

Hybrid mobile applications

2. Hybrid applications (web view)

Hybrid applications are not much different from in-browser versions in flexibility and design; however, you can make them available in the app stores. They come with the universal native wrapper, which renders web view in an application. You get the benefit of a common code base to build both of your Android and iOS apps.

However, the wrapper itself becomes an overhead, and these days we recommend considering other options to not compromise on performance and native UI.

Native mobile applications

3. Native applications

Native apps provide the best performance, UI, and range of functionality on the mobile devices. For native app development, we recommend our customers first consider using React Native or Xamarin to provide a mobile experience with native interface and performance while achieving maximum code re-use. 

Both frameworks allow producing native code for iOS and Android from a common code base enabling the use of shared business logic with the web application, thus achieving greater maintainability and much faster development.

React Native and Xamarin are used for the leading mobile apps on the market. We will evaluate your business case and advise the framework that makes sense in your situation, or resort to the pure native development using ObjectiveC (or Swift) on iOS, and Java (Kotlin) on Android.

Competentum Set2Meet on iPhone

React Native & WebRTC

React Native is perfect for real-time communication platforms, as it works nicely with WebRTC library from Google and has native extensions capabilities. Competentum used this technology for successful implementation of mobile virtual classrooms in our WebRTC-based custom solution called Set2Meet. Our clients love this prebuilt module of Set2Meet for its cross-platform functionality, native performance, and mobile user interface.