Accessibility Audit and Consulting


Competentum experts are on your side to help you polish your product for accessibility compliance. We offer accessibility audits and consulting, create detailed a11y specifications and reports, develop strategy, and provide accessibility testing.

Accessibility Testing and Quality Assurance

Accessibility Testing and Quality Assurance

Our accessibility QA engineers and analysts provide testing against WCAG 2.0 / WCAG 2.1, ATAG 2.0, Section 508 Refresh and other specific standards and guidelines. To make sure your content is truly accessible, we use three approaches to test it:

  • With automated tools, such as aXe, Web Accessibility Toolbar, WAVE, AChecker, W3C Online tools, etc.
  • With assistive technologies, such as screen readers, voice control software, magnifying software, etc.
  • From a perspective of users with different types of disabilities, according to their expectations, to exclude any limitations they may experience.
Accessibility Analysis and Audit

Accessibility Analysis and Audit

We offer an a11y audit for any existing product or content with unknown accessibility level, as well as for existing company practices and approaches to accessibility.

  • If applicable, Competentum provides a thorough analysis of the current product by an accessibility specialist prior to development.
  • We offer solutions on how to implement accessibility features into the product in such a way so that it is also usable and interesting for people without disabilities.
  • Competentum also provides accessibility audit reports, specifically for those clients who only need to know if their product is missing anything in terms of accessibility.
VPATs and Final Reports

VPATs and Final Reports

  • During regression testing, our QA team provides a report that shows which level of accessibility is achieved and how well each particular guideline is met.

  • If you are a federal agency or if your business receives support from the federal government, we will provide you with a special form of such report - VPAT (Voluntary Product Accessibility Template).  

  • For other cases, Competentum has developed our own VPAT-like template based on WCAG 2.0 / WCAG 2.1 (level AA) accessibility standards.