WebRTC Software Development by Competentum


Moving progress forward, Competentum offers custom software development of WebRTC real-time collaboration and communication systems for online education and corporate training. We use the power of WebRTC technology to embed our solutions seamlessly, right into your web or mobile applications without any additional third-party extensions, Flash, or desktop applications. We also can build iOS and Android apps for slick mobile experience.

We are a team of WebRTC experts on your side, with deep knowledge of open-source solutions and understanding of the video conferencing space to solve your most challenging needs.

Set2Meet WebRTC-based Platform

Our WebRTC-based Solutions' Use Cases:

  • Online tutoring and coaching
  • Language practice and training
  • Real-time assessments and interviews
  • Small group collaboration
  • Online peer reviews
  • Business meetings and events
  • Conferences, webinars, broadcasts
  • Technical support
Set2Meet Mobile Application

The following project requirements would not surprise our team:

  • Legacy technology transfer and transcoding (RTMP, RTSP, Silverlight)
  • Streaming options (HLS, YouTube, and video services)
  • IP cameras integration and security
  • Local and cloud recording architecture (using such libraries as ffmpeg)
  • Cross-platform WebRTC support on mobile apps (including React native), Unity engine, desktop environments, and other platforms
Media Back-End Options for WebRTC

Media Back-End Options for WebRTC

We offer three types of solutions for the real-time communication and programmable video:

  • Cloud communication providers integration (TokBox and other CPaaS) – A good choice if you do not want to set up and maintain your own infrastructure. At the same time, you are able to support connectivity across the globe (including China) and get a reliable service under SLA for online communication.

    Competentum is an integration partner of TokBox and Nexmo in the education space. We can help you build your solution using their communication APIs. We truly believe that TokBox and Nexmo offer one of the most flexible and stable solutions for WebRTC and omni-channel communications. We have completed numerous projects using OpenTok API and know ins and outs of the platforms.

  • Open-source media servers (Janus, Kurento, Jitsi) – A good choice if you feel confident in taking care of your own infrastructure, and if you have high volumes of communication. Our team will analyze your requirements and recommend the best-fit open-source solution, customizing it the way you want it.

  • Peer-to-peer solutions – A good choice if you have less than four meeting participants. Since WebRTC allows direct browser-to-browser communication, you can significantly save on your infrastructure costs. However, it has some limitations in terms of scalability and features. Peer-to-peer architecture does require the presence of STUN/TURN servers to overcome specific firewall restrictions and NAT, but their deployment and support are usually much easier than that of a full-blown media server.

Set2Meet WebRTC Platform

Our WebRTC-based Solution Set2Meet

To boost your custom product development, we have built a communication platform for online education and corporate training called Set2Meet supporting both CPaaS and open-source media servers of your choice.

Set2Meet is a highly customizable real-time communication platform with a separate virtual classroom, scheduling, user management, analytics, and reporting modules and WebRTC technology standing behind real-time interaction. It allows you to gain independence from media back end.

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