Competentum Simulations, Virtual Labs and Gamification


Most of our developers possess deep subject knowledge, as well as first-class programming skills. This means that a project receives constant SME support, which guarantees exceptional scientific and pedagogical accuracy. The end result is students and teachers that are fully satisfied with the interactive and virtual environments Competentum creates. The industry-leading publishers entrust us to develop complex software and content for their projects.

Interactivities, Simulations, and Virtual Labs

Interactivities, Simulations, and Virtual Labs

Over the course of 25 years, our team has created over a million of learning objects, including unique problem types, engaging games, virtual labs, interactive animations, educational widgets and tools, applets and complex scientific simulations, animated videos, etc.

Competentum Interactive Widgets

Competentum is a perfect choice if you are looking to create interactive digital content or a virtual lab:

  • High-caliber subject matter experts with proficiency in cutting-edge programming technologies.
  • Most up-to-date pedagogical practices to drive learner’s engagement.
  • Cross-platform responsive and accessible web design.
  • Our own IPs, tools, and libraries.
  • QA and testing on students of all target ages, levels, or learning abilities.
Competentum Gamification for K-12


Gamification has become an exceptionally effective teaching tool that provides a creative, collaborative, and entertaining environment where students are in control of their own challenges. Competentum offers development of complex educational games that put your students on the edge of their seats and drive greater motivation, enjoyment of activities, and better education performance.

Competentum Assessment game

Competentum’s approach to building a gamification product:

  • We make sure that scientific content is interesting and engaging for the students of the target age.
  • We add vivid graphics and interactions whenever appropriate.
  • We adapt languages and vocabulary to the consuming audience.
  • We equip our games with consistent feedback and intuitive interface for easy navigation.
  • We can build in personalization features to tailor content for the needs of each student.
  • We can pour heavy-lifting programming into the back end of the game engine to make it data-driven for the robust learning analytics.