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Subject-matter experts at Competentum deliver eLearning products of superior pedagogical accuracy and of an engaging nature. The team is committed to finding the best technology for the highest productivity and optimal investment cost. This is all thanks to the team’s fluency in a variety of programming languages, including JavaScript (as a driving force of HTML5), Objective C, Java, and C#.

Competentum Interactive Problem Types
  • We can tailor the code to enhance your content with simulations, interactive objects, and texts.
  • Working with the highest industry standards, we are on top of market trends, creating unique apps for all kinds of mobile devices.
  • Our developers have a full understanding of legacy software and platforms. We are highly experienced in converting Flash-based content and transforming it into HTML5 for the latest browsers and mobile devices.
  • We can code your content in HTML5 before formatting for a specific app, ensuring its cross-device interoperability.
  • We use advantages of HTML5 to create universally accessible interactive content, taking into account system requirements and keeping the assets both entertaining and accessible for all types of users.
  • We offer quality assurance for newly created and existing content with the most thorough testing using the most innovative and efficient QA techniques.
Competentum 3D Constructor

Interactive Learning Content with Competentum

Competentum brings together an exceptional group of experts with a shared passion in education and science. With their help, we create:

  • Interactive eLearning resources for K-12 with deep understanding and consideration for the curriculum and child psychology.
  • Scientifically accurate, fully accessible, mobile-friendly virtual labs, simulations, end-of-chapter exercises and eBooks for Higher Ed.
  • Electronic versions of your printed books in PDF, ePub, Kindle, and iBook formats, using the latest Adobe, iBooks Author, and Inkling Habitat technologies.
  • Engaging corporate courses with measurable outcomes that continually satisfy your users.
Competentum e-Reader Apps

Our team can handle the full cycle of development, from the creation of storyboards, art design, interactivities, and animations, problem types, student and teacher guides, etc. to the integration of packaged simulations, labs and courses into a client’s platform. In addition:

  • we can use your own scripts and storyboards for video and animation development;
  • rebuild your interactivities from the legacy technology, or build it from scratch;
  • speed up the process using our own tools, IPs, 2D-graphing and 3D-rendering libraries;
  • and we never forget to make sure that the resulting interactive content is a11y compliant.