Platform Integration, Customization and Interoperability


In the world of APIs, often the most efficient way to solve your business need is to extend your platform functionality by embedding new platform modules. Also, you may want to make your product be easily integrated with numerous learning platforms used by your clients on the market. Let Competentum handle both of your challenges.

We can transform your platform into a new eLearning environment with numerous integrated tools and services, having top-class customization and external platform integrations. Our team of EdTech experts knows all major learning interoperability standards, as well as specific educational product APIs to achieve your goals.

Interoperability Implementation with Competentum

Interoperability Implementation

We use the most up-to-date specifications like LTI, CC, SCORM, and Tin Can to make your products integrated with any major LMS on the market. We support both commercial (e.g., Canvas, Blackboard, Schoology) and open-source systems (e.g., Open edX, Moodle).

Third-Party Software Integration (Custom API)

Third-Party Software Integration (Custom API)

Competentum has great experience integrating third-party APIs and services:

  • Deep LMS integration: Schoology, Canvas, Blackboard, Docebo, ShareKnowledge, and more. 

    Most systems are compliant with LTI and other interoperability standards. However, such integration is generic and can lack certain features. Competentum combines LTI with custom integration using particular platform APIs to provide much deeper integration features and solve interoperability issues.

  • Microsoft services and APIs: Office Online, SharePoint, OneDrive. 

    As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we can help walk you through the complex integration and approval process for deploying Microsoft cloud services in your use cases.

  • Specialized math software like Wolfram Mathematica, Maple, Octave, statistics packages. 

    You can use these services for complex calculations, grading automation, algorithms, solutions, optical character recognition, and math visualizations.

Open edX LMS Platform Customization

Open-Source LMS Customization

We are contributors to Open edX, which is an open-source LMS available on the market with enormous customization and extension capabilities. We will evaluate your business case and see if it is a good fit for your project, and compare it with other LMS options.


Possible customizations for Open edX include:

  • New problem types and activities
  • Content authoring capabilities
  • Assignment building and composition
  • Gradebook extensions
  • UI/UX customization
  • Content conversion and import/export