Innovations and Data Science in Education


With a passion for innovation, Competentum constantly searches for new solutions and technologies to meet the emerging educational needs. Our R&D dedicated centers proactively research EdTech trends, spot the gaps in solving challenges, and develop innovative solutions to improve the effectiveness of the education process.

Competentum Data Science for EdTech Innovations

Data Science for EdTech Innovations

Competentum combines domain knowledge of artificial intelligence (AI) with an outstanding engineering workforce to implement innovative data science projects for the EdTech industry.

Our core competencies include natural language processing (NLP), image and voice recognition, video content analysis, statistical hypothesis testing, data visualization, data mining, and ETL.

Competentum Innovative Products and Solutions

Our full-stack team of software developers has extensive experience in cluster computing (Hadoop, Spark), domain-specific languages (R, Python, Scala, SQL), data science libraries, and frameworks (TensorFlow, Keras, Theano, SciKit-Learn, OpenCV, NLTK, Matplotlib etc.). Based on this expertise we have developed our innovative products and solutions:

  • ShareKnowledge  – the first SharePoint-based corporate LMS platform with advanced data mining and analytics
  • EdWise – AI-based platform for automated content generation
  • Voice ART – voice controller built with a contextual language model specially trained for eLearning
  • Hand ART – an assistive technology for formula sequences and handwriting recognition
Competentum VR and AR for Education

VR and AR for Education

Competentum uses Unity 3D and Microsoft HoloLens to build the best virtual and augmented reality products for education. For custom projects, we can apply our advancements in image recognition and build libraries for linking AR devices to remote speech recognition servers. We use our own WebRTC-based solution, Set2Meet, to create virtual classrooms where students can use avatars for real-time collaboration and interaction in virtual reality. We are also able to apply computer vision features for the face detection, avatar motion, cheating detection, and more.

Competentum R&D Services for Clients

R&D Services for Clients

Competentum has built a number of dedicated centers to facilitate efficient research and development of EdTech solutions. Today, we offer R&D consulting and services to our clients to help them stay ahead of the competition in the constantly changing EdTech market. Our domain experts work in an innovative, multidisciplinary environment applying data science to R&D initiatives. Competentum combines 25-plus years of experience in the market and in-depth knowledge of EdTech industry to research and develop cutting-edge technology and solutions for our clients.