Competentum HTML5 Conversions


The eLearning industry is evolving. Future-proof your interactive educational content by converting it to HTML5 to make it suitable for mobile devices and a11y compliant. With Competentum’s smart conversion tools and deep understanding of legacy software, we know how to update your valuable assets semi-automatically, thus faster, without compromising on the quality of the animation and interactive components.

Competentum Gamifiaction Example

eLearning & mLearning with HTML5

  • HTML5 facilitates all screen sizes and devices, thus is able to reach a wide audience.
  • Content developed in HTML5 can be accessed on any of the leading browsers—Safari, Chrome, UC Browser, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Midori, and many others.
  • HTML5 product can be used without additional software.
  • Cleaner code, tags with native semantics, responsive design, and other advantages of HTML5 allow the creation of web content that is accessible to different types of users with disabilities.
  • It is easier for learners to access HTML5-based courses as opposed to Flash-based courses.
Competentum Interactive Map

Our expertise in legacy technology and superior skills in HTML5 allows the Competentum team to take on the most challenging projects converting complex scientific simulations, interactive animations, widgets and more, easily—not only from Flash, Java, and Flex, but even when you have your legacy assets in mixed or custom code. With a creative approach and our own tools, solutions, and libraries, we often can automate the process, which enables us to handle a high volume of conversions faster and with higher quality.

Competetum MobiCon Conversion Tool

MobiCon Flash-to-HTML5 Smart Conversions

For fast and high-quality conversions, we have created MobiCon—a software for the development and maintenance of HTML5-based apps. MobiСon makes it possible to import existing graphics in popular formats, such as Flash, and convert it into HTML5. The tool is dedicated to adapting output content to mobile devices (iOS, Android). It is integrated with JS/HTML5 frameworks, including eLearning-specific ones. We use this solution for creating HTML5-based eLearning digital content (both from scratch and based on existing Flash files).

Competentum eReader Game

MobiCon Strongest Points

  • Unlike most of the similar software, MobiСon is not aimed to convert all the content automatically. It gives us the flexibility and choice of what we want to convert, which makes it possible to get the most accurate result.
  • Compared to the non-eLearning conversion software, MobiСon has just enough tools for creating and modifying code lines.
  • MobiСon “understands” the featured behavior of each mobile platform and adapts the output to fit.
  • MobiCon allows us to convert Flash content to HTML5 faster without compromising on quality.