Achieve better business outcomes by setting employees on the right track

Corporate training is an important part of any successful business. Discover how your company can benefit from digital learning solutions and content.


Achieve better business outcomes by setting employees on the right track

Corporate training is an important part of any successful business. Discover how your company can benefit from digital learning solutions and content.

What Is Your Challenge?

    1. To manage risk effectively, compliance training must be a focal point for any business.
    2. When just-in-time training falls in line with regulations and policies, you will significantly reduce corporate risk by ensuring employees are trained in all risk-sensitive fields including, compliance, legal, security, IT, internal auditing, and finance, to name a few.
    Accurate Compliance requires precision, so it is vital that employees are up-to-date on all required trainings. Specialized All employees must receive their specific training in a timely manner.
    Consistent As changes happen or trainings expire, you still must have required learning in place at all times. Recordable Required training data must be stored, tracked, audited and validated.
    Meaningful Compliance training should be just as important to employees as it is for your company. Changing employees’ perception of risks and needs is important for complete buy-in. In budget Stay within your training budget by choosing the right training tool to accommodate complex compliance needs.
    • We help organizations with educating their employees on how to stay compliant. We do this by creating engaging e-learning content that make policies and standards training fun.
    • We convert Standard Operating Procedures into consistent e-learning using our content engineering, mass production and rapid development expertise. As a result, this provides a unified flow of professional, easy-to-understand and low-cost content.
    • We ensure that knowledge is accurately transferred on time to everyone by either our learning platform or a custom compliance learning solution.
    • We provide a clear view on compliance risks by utilizing customized analytics that combines learning data with other risk-related information.

    1. Making employees’ knowledge and skills competitive and aligned with an organization’s business goals is critical for growing revenue and profit.
    2. In today’s business environment, everything is digital. Therefore, in order to be efficient, learning must also be fully integrated and digital.
    Just in time/on demand No matter where the learner is – behind a computer, on a mobile phone, or out in the field – learning should be available anywhere, any time. Engaging Engaging content makes it easier for learners to grasp concepts more quickly and fully, and to connect theory and application more adeptly.
    Applicable to job roles As job roles change and evolve, digital learning must also provide the right information for ongoing support. Multi-channel Given that not all employees learn in the same way, it is important to ensure multiple ways in which to provide training.
    Data-driven Data is important to understand how digital learning is working and can drive the big picture when it comes to learning strategy and ROI. Easy to share No matter if it is an employee, extended enterprise or customer, digital learning should be accessible to anyone who needs it.
    • For each business need suitable for self-paced learning, we provide bespoke courseware, focusing on: product training, corporate workflow training, corporate culture, employee onboarding and support training.
    • We assess the company’s business needs and choose the best learning technology for a particular business case by either implementing and adjusting a ready-for-use platform or developing a custom solution.
    • We integrate learning into companies’ everyday practices so that employees do not need to switch between "work" and "learning".

    1. Measuring the business impact of learning helps to control budgets.
    2. Good learning process management is a multi-dimensional task that involves a ton of activities and a lot of data. Knowing how your business data, such as sales volumes or workforce demographic changes, correlates with learning statistics can be critical for the success of your learning organization.
    Consistent and reliable data Visible from all required angles
    Gathered from all required sources Easy to share


    • We provide detailed and visualized analytics that make it easy to see the impact of your learning programs. We achieve this by combining all important sources of data into one convenient location and making predictions on how it might change in the future.


Development of eLearning Content Strategy

Align your company business needs and training objectives in one cohesive eLearning content strategy. Competentum will consult with you about strategizing, creating and optimizing your content assets, and integrating them within one CMS for optimal training results.


Custom Course Development

Fully immerse employees in your company culture and best practices with custom courses. Achieve higher engagement with interactive videos and animations, business simulations and gamification, 3D models, VR experiences and vivid web & mobile design.

Educate your employees on required topics all while inspiring them to learn meaningfully. Benefit from our best instructional design practices and reduce the cost of development with our rapid eLearning and mass course production services.


Documents to eLearning Conversion

Transfer your standard operating procedures, policies, simple text articles, plain videos, and other content into digestible eLearning assets. You can build a consistent working process of governance and compliance training while Competentum handles mass production, unification and update of your documents using our content templates and audit trail software solutions.


ILT to eLearning Conversion and Support

Save your resources and make your training available from anywhere and at any time with ILT to eLearning conversion. Transform instructor-led training into an engaging eLearning experience and maximize your training impact to expand beyond your employees but to the extended enterprise and international teams as well.


Mobile Learning Development

Provide continuous access to eLearning resources from any device, at any moment. With Competentum mobile development services, your learners will have an ideal user experience from any screen size without loss of quality.



Real-Time Collaboration and Virtual Classrooms

Engage employees on a communication platform that is customized to meet your business’ learning goals, all in one seamless experience. Conveniently embed virtual rooms, scheduling and analytics functionality into your platform and take advantage of our prebuilt solutions to speed up development time. Additionally, you can customize it with only widgets and collaborative tools that are important for your business and scale it up with full control over the costs of communication.


Corporate Learning Management and Support Systems

Create the best learning experience possible for your employees with our custom platform development services. We offer custom LMS solutions that stay under budget and are quick to implement. In addition, each LMS is tailored to fit your company’s needs and is strategically designed to be easy to manage and navigate, secure, compliant, flexible, scalable and most importantly fully integrated into your digital workplace.



ShareKnowledge LMS

Platform Customization, Integrations, and Interoperability

Discover how your platform can be customized to fit your company’s specific needs as well as integrated with other systems. Competentum can extend the functionality of your platform with necessary modules and tools by combining interoperability implementation and custom APIs for deeper integration. This also provides a cohesive business process that allows reporting through Business Intelligence.


ShareKnowledge LMS

Accomplish your corporate training goals with the first corporate LMS built on Microsoft SharePoint. Competentum will help integrate and customize ShareKnowledge LMS so it seamlessly “talks” to your other business systems. Because the platform functions as an integral part of SharePoint, it provides a much more cohesive solution, both functionally and financially. Perfect for compliance needs, flexible administrative and content management and powered with the most robust and easy to use reporting and dashboard tools in the industry.


Docebo LMS

Docebo LMS

Drive corporate performance and growth with Docebo Learning Platform. Powered by AI, this LMS delivers a personalized experience that utilizes social learning to engage employees on a deeper level. Let Competentum handle integration, customization and support of the platform so you can shift your focus from administrative tasks to a holistic L&D strategy that drives measurable business outcomes.


Open edX LMS

Take advantage of an open-source LMS with enormous customization and extension capabilities. As an Open edX service partner, Competentum knows all the nuances and can help you migrate to a next-generation eLearning environment with cutting-edge modules and tools integrated into Open edX.


Learning Record Stores Configuration and Customization

Configure and develop your own Learning Record Store using the power of xAPI standard. Enjoy the ease of having all your learning-related data under one umbrella while seamlessly tracking every event in your learning environment including LMS, CMS, websites, stand-alone learning simulators and external sources.




Data Engineering

Improve your Business Intelligence by building effective ETL workflows with Competentum. We offer design and implementation of data pipelines, its normalization and conversion for analysis. Take advantage of our expertise in construction, testing and maintenance of databases and large-scale processing systems.


Data Science Solutions

Ensure high quality of your data and filter out the information that valuable for your business by having Competentum perform the data science tasks. Let us transform your data into actionable insights with data modeling and clustering, statistical analysis of your data streams and predictive analytics.


Learning Data Analytics

Improve your practices by making data-driven decisions with information captured from inside and outside your learning environment – e.g., utilization insights and business and L&D profitability. Visual dashboards and actionable custom reports also make it easier to understand corporate performance and business outcomes — all in a scalable solution that can grow with your company.