Competentum Content Authoring, Engineering and Review


Competentum has vast expertise in content development for publishers, educational software and content providers, schools, academic and corporate universities. The combination of subject-matter expertise, experience in eLearning, and a strong technology base makes Competentum perfect for developing custom content and assessment assets. You can choose from a range of algorithmic test banks, complete courses, online auto-gradable homework, interactive multimedia objects and tools, virtual labs, and much more.

Competentum Subject-Matter Expertise

Subject-Matter Expertise

Competentum is a team of subject-matter experts that combine advanced programming skills with deep domain knowledge for content authoring, engineering, and review. We hire graduates from the top universities across the world, with teaching and research backgrounds to ensure scientific and pedagogical accuracy of the content we produce. With extensive experience in every major subject from K-12 to university disciplines, health care, and professional training, Competentum creates award-winning solutions that drive impressive learning results and a great return on investment.

Competentum Algorithmic Assessments

Algorithmic Assessment

Competentum excels in the development of complex assessment content with smart algorithms for grading and a multistep process of verification before publishing. We work with various question types, from very basic multiple choice and true / false to robust subject-specific graphing, formula entry, and applet problem types. Competentum can enhance existing questions by writing and adding specific content features: step-by-step solution, answer-specific feedback, hint, or other supplementary material.

Competentum Content Engineering

Content Engineering

Competentum provides full cycle of content engineering:

  • Robust content management systems
  • Visual editors and authoring tools
  • Quality control tools
  • Content automation
  • Content migration and conversions
  • Usage analytics and reporting
Competentum Corporate Courses and HR Assessment

Corporate Courses & HR Assessment

Competentum provides a wide range of services for corporate course development and performance review. We build engaging interactive courses that suit various corporate audiences and work toward specific business goals. We offer:

  • Custom development of a course or solution that serves your unique L&D goals.
  • Rapid eLearning.
  • Mass course production.
  • Development, customization, and integration of complex HR solutions.
Competentum Content Review and QA

Content Review & QA

In-house educational experts look at every stage of production, delivering excellence at a competitive cost. They make sure each project meets the new generation learner’s needs and fulfills its pedagogical value. This process loops with the thorough product testing within the real class environment and by a professional QA team.