Competentum HTML5 Cross-Platform Applications


Grasping the needs of education and leading eLearning communities, Competentum builds truly cross-platform applications with students and teachers in mind. Our apps deliver great user experience across a variety of resolutions, aspect ratios, screen sizes, and orientations. The team solves tasks in innovative ways, always challenging traditional approaches through cutting-edge technology.

Competentum Biology eBook

Our subject-matter expertise in a wide range of topics and our superior programming skills allow Competentum to create:

  • Engaging eBooks and electronic courses, enhanced with interactive learning objects.
  • Unique hybrid and native applications for all kinds of mobile devices.
  • Responsive and fully accessible websites and portals with cross-device interoperability.

At Competentum, we make multidevice eLearning possible using technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. These tools help us to develop platform-independent content and refined interactivities, and package them as web-based courses or native apps.

Competentum HTML5 Cross-Platform Apps

HTML5 Cross-Platform Applications

When creating a new HTML5 cross-platform app, Competentum applies:

  • Scaling. Initially we design an application with portrait and landscape dimensions, and then scale up from there. It guarantees usability on the smallest screens.
  • Responsive images. The team uses vector-based images and graphics that help prevent any loss of quality. This way, image assets perfectly adapt to different resolutions, orientations, etc.
  • Responsive layout. Applying one of many fluid grid systems or the responsive web design technique, we achieve fluidity and dynamic flow. This helps all the elements make the most of the usable spaces on the screen.
Competentum Engaged Learners

HTML5 applications built by Competentum allow students accessing your eLearning content whenever and wherever they want. We engage learners by creating an interactive experience in a form that suits them best without limitations to device size and shape. Our team enables you to reach a wider audience with no need to maintain different versions of the same content for specific devices. Competentum designs eLearning that is intelligent, flexible, and fluid to work everywhere.