Competentum Corporate Courses and HR Systems


With over 25 years in eLearning, Competentum develops advanced HR systems and engaging corporate courses with measurable outcomes that continually satisfy your users. We offer robust HR assessment solutions, custom course development, rapid development and mass production, and a library of ready SCORM courses, their customization, and white labeling.

Competentum Custom Course Development

Custom Course Development

With the collaborative approach, Competentum creates unique interactive courses for your training goals. Developed specifically for your company, such courses are an excellent solution for quick and high-quality training of your employees in subject areas that are important for your business. We can handle the entire cycle of course development, from a solution concept through design, integration, and testing in a client’s system.

Competentum Custom Course Development

The advantages of custom course development with Competentum:

  • We apply best methodologies to instructional design, making sure the courses are effective and engaging.
  • We use leading content presentation techniques—scribing, interactive videos, animated characters, gamification, infographics, and 3D elements—to increase the motivation of your employees for learning.
  • We adapt the course content for users with different levels of experience and subject knowledge, as well as ensure localization and translation of a course for employees who speak various languages.
  • Courses include workshops and end-of-chapter exercises to apply the newly acquired knowledge, as well as include assessment tools to test and evaluate training outcomes.

Creating interactive courses since 1993, our team of developers and subject-matter experts is ready for the most challenging projects!

Competentum Rapid Development and Mass Course Production

Rapid Development & Mass Production

With Competentum, you can achieve results while saving your own resources! Rapid eLearning uses authoring tools instead of heavy programming, which can reduce costs of the course development. We can also save you time and expense by offering mass course production. Taking into account your training goals and specifics of your business, we create the first of your courses that serves as a reference and a template to develop all other courses for your company. This allows us to work on a large scale and produce courses fast.

Competentum Rapid Development and Mass Course Production

When do you need rapid eLearning development and/or mass course production?

  • When you have time and budget constraints.
  • When you need to develop many similar courses, fast and without compromising on quality.
  • When you need an option to easily update a course without going back to the vendor (lowering the costs of maintenance).
  • When your employees need constant access to information.
Competentum HR and L&D Systems

HR Assessment & Corporate Performance Review

Creating advanced HR systems, we transform an evaluation cycle from an excruciating administrative load to a cooperative, ongoing, and easy process, one that helps form a high-performance culture where employees focus on delivering exceptional results. To fulfill this level of corporate educational resources, Competentum integrates:

  • Highly adaptive testing solutions with testbank authoring tools, various answer types, and in-test images and animation.
  • Testbanks that make it possible to tag and combine test questions into groups and display reports for each of the groups.
  • Automated result analysis that helps to assess user characteristics are available to the instructor/manager upon test submission.
  • Report generator with the choice of features that are qualitative and quantitative.