Competentum Content Review and QA


With the ultimate goal of making learning a better experience, Competentum’s experts partner with publishers and digital content providers for content review and quality assurance. Our deep subject-matter expertise and professional copyediting ensures theoretical accuracy, proper spelling, grammar, and figure labeling. Our in-house team of QA professionals uses various testing techniques and follow the best industry standards and practices. We know every aspect of the complex educational process. Using this understanding, Competentum creates the best materials to support it.

Content Accuracy Review

Content Accuracy Review & Functional Testing

When reviewing the content, Competentum pays special attention to:

  • Common Core, State, or similar standards and curriculum pedagogical accuracy.
  • Scientific accuracy.
  • Online format suitability.

The Competentum team is familiar with the most innovative and efficient testing processes. We regularly review and update our standards to ensure that your assets are tested in the most demanding environment available. Experts who specialize in educational process and class experience assess content on its usability and standards compliance. These efforts are supported by modern software, like Mathematica, Mathcad, Statistics, Lingo, POM, ChemOffice, and others.

Class Testing & User Acceptance Testing

Class Testing & User Acceptance Testing

Where necessary, we test the materials on actual students. We bring in a group of students of a particular level and arrange a real-life environment. Competentum experts assist and observe the process in real time. At this stage, we see if navigation is clear, whether the materials offer the right instructions, and if the course meets the learning objectives. The test clarifies instruction precision and reveals any ambiguities in the materials.


Content Automated Testing

Automated testing improves overall quality by catching errors before the erroneous assessment items get deployed to production. It helps reduce costs on manual testing when a massive number of items is involved.

Competentum Content Automated Testing

Content Automation Solutions:

  • Automated content testing from end-user perspective – Uses scalable architecture and developed testing scenarios to drive Selenium-based browser testing, catching any failures, rendering errors, console errors, service debug information, and more.
  • Static content analysis – Ensures content quality from XML/JSON format perspective by integrated schema and algorithm validation, spell checking, common issue finder, and other methods.
  • Content profiling and analytics – Allows getting insights into the content for QA teams, content analysts, and instructors.
  • Content-driven stress testing – Catches system errors and failures that can be reproduced only on particular items.
  • Automated content issues search and fixing – Scans your content for common errors and applies autofixes if possible.

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