Competentum Conten Engineering


Understanding content as a vital component of the learning process, we grew our expertise and a vast portfolio of content engineering solutions for each step of the development and verification of your content before publishing. Competentum builds content creation and management systems that can host millions of content items that need to be authored, quality controlled, deployed, and analyzed. We ensure only packaged quality content gets in front of your end user.

Content Management System Development

Full-Cycle Content Engineering Solutions:

Content Management Systems

We can build the entire back-office CMS to manage your content items with content pipelines, workflow engines, versioning, search and indexing, and meta-data management based on open-source solutions.

We will recommend the best-fit CMS solution and offer its customization to meet your goals. We have experience in deploying solutions on top of MarkLogic, Alfresco, dotCMS, Umbraco, and more.

In some cases, we may recommend using open-source content repositories like NextCloud or Apache Jackrabbit.

Content Usage Analytics and Reporting

Content Migration and Conversions

Our portfolio includes projects with migration of more than a hundred thousand complex content items and software modules between different LMS and assessment systems. For media objects, we offer a MobiCon platform, which supports conversion of legacy content from Flash to HTML5 and the development of new mobile-ready web apps.

For other complex content conversion, we employ grammar-based approaches and technologies specifically tailored to reliable conversion while providing additional software to track conversion status and success rates.


Content Usage Analytics and Reporting

Real-time content usage indicators and dashboards, data mining and prediction of learning outcomes, content error detection, cheating detection, and more.

Automated Content Quality Control

Automated Content Quality Control

We propose a number of know-how solutions for automated content verification and analytics, content-driven stress tests, and more, which eliminate issues before production and reduce your costs for manual testing when a massive number of items is involved.

We use Selenium grid and static-code-based validation techniques (for example, XML/JSON) as well as parallel processing on cloud nodes to produce reports quickly.

Visual Editors and Authoring Tools

Visual Editors

Each content type is supplied with authoring tools to allow creating and editing new complex objects, assessment items, activities, and courses. We integrate visual editors with your LMS or CMS, including automated quality checks, defect tracking, and semantic content creation.

We typically recommend building visual editors by employing a component-based approach and using solutions like CKEditor or TinyMCE for embedded editing in WYSIWYG style.