Competentum Assessment Systems and Grading


Exploring new ways to create a better learning experience, Competentum develops the next-generation assessment and grading solutions that seamlessly integrate with your learning management systems. Since our teams combine advanced software skills with subject-matter expertise, the assessment solutions we develop are always pedagogically and scientifically accurate.

Skill Test Assessment

Our Assessment Systems Use Cases:

  • Digital courseware
  • Online homework and self-study
  • Examination and testing
  • Comprehension check
  • Adaptive study modules
  • Test preparation
  • Staff assessments
  • Interviews
  • Polls
Competentum Assessment Workflow

Competentum can develop and support the entire assessment workflow:

  • We render hundreds of problem types and gradable simulations with automated scoring.
  • We have experience in designing semantic formats and mobile compatible UI/UX for assessment engines.
  • Automated feedback generation that we offer for some problem types can reinforce students’ understanding and help them come up with the right answer themselves.
  • Our high-load assessment back-end services allow scaling your system bandwidth to thousands of requests per second, without compromising on quality and performance.
  • We seamlessly integrate external tools and services, be it custom API integrations or complex domain-specific services like Maple, Wolfram Mathematica, Octave, and other statistics/math packages to improve your assessment functionality.
  • We build user-friendly, easy-to-navigate visual dashboards for gradebook reporting, analytics, and quality control.
  • We develop standalone adaptive assessment engines that allow building the custom logic of assessment path and recommendations tailored to particular student needs or interests.
  • Other custom features include automated feedback generation for incorrect responses, algorithmic content support to assign a unique version of a particular assessment item to a group of learners, building accessibility into assessment engines, and more.
Competentum Assessment Problem Type

Custom Problem Types & Simulations

We have developed thousands of custom problem types, widgets, and simulations for our clients. Using our solutions, more than one million content items have been built for major education publishers. In addition, we possess a massive library of standalone problem types and simulations that can be integrated into any service or LMS.