Competentum Reporting and Analytics


Seeing an immense value in collecting and analyzing data in the learning environment, Competentum offers learning analytics software that can work with user performance and activity data to produce powerful insights and predictions to improve your business and education processes.

Competentum Reports and Data Visualization

Reports Generation

(Including Big Data Processing and ETL)

Our team can build complex ETL (extract, transform, load) workflows closely integrated with school or university LMS or learning portals. We embrace big data challenges by using the most up-to-date solutions like Apache Spark and Flink.


Data Visualization

(Including Interactive Dashboards)

We build easy-to-navigate, user-friendly visual dashboards for teachers and admins to track the content usage, attendance, learning outcomes, student engagement, and more. Technologies we use vary on the task and may include D3.js, R Studio, and other solutions.

Competentum Data Science and AI Expertise

Data Science & AI

Competentum has access to leading scientific groups in the domain of artificial intelligence and machine learning, coupled with outstanding engineering workforce implementing data science solutions. We are constantly on top of the most recent scientific achievements and ready to apply them in your projects.

We have extensive experience in applying both classic machine learning methods and deep learning. Our data science team is using Hadoop and Spark for cluster computing, domain-specific languages (R, Python, Scala, SQL), data science libraries, and frameworks (TensorFlow, Keras, Theano, SciKit-Learn, OpenCV, NLTK, Matplotlib, etc.).