Accessible LMS Platforms


Our HTML and full-stack developers specialize in eLearning projects and possess knowledge of the best accessibility practices specific for this field.  We have studied a lot of platforms and authoring tools and tested them for accessibility.

Competentum Full-Stack Accessibility Services

Our Full-Stack Accessibility Services

Competentum is ready to make your products (web apps, courses, websites, LMS and CMS platforms and authoring tools) accessible on PC and mobile devices:

  • converting from Flash to HTML
  • converting from inaccessible HTML to accessible HTML
  • converting from scratch (following storyboards or mockups)
  • integrating content into accessible shells
  • using proper HTML5 and WAI-ARIA standards
  • creating accessible common and custom widgets
  • creating pre-built solutions for existing LMS
  • creating accessible tools and platforms
All-Encompassing Approach to Platform Accessibility

All-Encompassing Approach to Platform Accessibility

Depending on your a11y needs, experience, and resources, we can offer:

  • An audit of the platform or tool you have to give you an idea of how accessible it is and help you think about how to fix it.
  • Strategy and best practices development, including UX/UI design (mockups) and description of user-with-disabilities use cases. The result is an Accessibility Specification for analysts, developers, and testers.
  • Implementation, according to this specification.

If you know exactly how you want to address accessibility, Competentum can follow your guidelines, strategies, and mockups to turn your inaccessible platform or tool into accessible.

Competentum Hand ART Demo

Integrating Accessibility Features into Your Platform

Competentum expertise in machine learning enabled us to create two innovative assistive technologies tailored to accessible online education – Voice ART and Hand ART.

  • Voice ART is the most accurate text-to-speech and voice recognition tool for eLearning.
  • Hand ART is an innovative handwriting recognition tool that converts the conventional form of writing in a digital testing environment.

Both work as standalones or as SaaS solutions that can be easily integrated into any LMS or other digital assessment software.