Accessible HTML5 Applications


Accessibility is one of the reasons why HTML5 and CSS3 have become popular. The Competentum team happily takes advantage of a cleaner code, tags with native semantics, responsive design, etc., to create universally accessible web content. However, blindly following the existing standards and techniques is simply not enough.

Assistive Technology

We creatively solve the main problems on the way to web accessibility:

  • The behavior of different assistive technologies in different browsers is not universal – but we can find a way to provide as many working combinations as possible.
  • Not every widget accessible in PC will be accessible on mobile devices – but we can always suggest workarounds and still make your content outstanding.

At Competentum, we believe that there is always a solution out there and we can find it! We can convert your inaccessible application (e.g., Flash content) into a compliant solution, or build it accessible from scratch.

Development Process with Accessibility in Mind

Development Process with Accessibility in Mind:

  • The process starts with analysis by an accessibility specialist to understand the expectations of a client and all groups of users – with and without disabilities.

  • We document possible accessibility features and implementation approaches into the Accessibility Specification.

  • The team is usually led by an experienced web accessibility developer and works hand in hand with the accessibility specialist who did the initial analysis.

  • Competentum follows accessibility techniques and best practices recommended by W3C.

  • Upon completion, we perform functional testing, including accessibility testing with tools and assistive technologies.

  • Finally, we create a report that shows what level of accessibility is achieved and how well each particular guideline is met.

Our analysts and developers always use their creative minds and find a way to keep content assets both entertaining and accessible for all types of users.