Competentum Content Authoring


Competentum develops high-quality academic content across the spectrum of quantitative and qualitative sciences delivered in the most innovative way. Our subject-matter expertise in complex disciplines helps us ensure the scientific content we author is pedagogically accurate, contains correct answers, functions properly, and makes students think.

Competentum’s Content Authoring Services

Competentum’s Content Authoring Services:

  • Unique, scientifically accurate content from scratch
  • Storyboards
  • Narratives for your books
  • Algorithmic, auto-gradable end-of-chapter exercises
  • Instructions and solutions for test problems
  • Comprehensive question tables that require algorithms
  • Taxonomy and metadata
  • Text formatting for both online and eBook environments
  • Alternatives for non-text subject-oriented content for ADA compliance
  • Existing content QA and class testing
Subject-Matter Expertise

Subject-Matter Expertise

Over 95 percent of the in-house staff holds degrees from the top universities and possess profound subject-matter expertise. The majority of our staff members work on scientific research projects or teach classes. That is why Competentum can offer an exceptional level of content quality and accuracy at every stage of the development. Competentum team has:

  • Over 20 US-based SMEs, instructional designers, and project managers. All have teaching backgrounds in schools and universities.
  • Over 100 developers in Eastern Europe. All are graduates of the best universities and have pedagogical and research backgrounds.
  • Over 50 highly skilled freelancers across the world specializing in performing custom tasks.
  • Large network of partner academic institutions.

Having our subject-matter experts suggest edits during the actual development of content eliminates most mistakes in subsequent review cycles. That is why the process takes less time and resources without compromising on quality.

Competentum combines skills, knowledge, and a fair price, all in one package.