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The passion for technical detail of the Competentum team provides the means to operate at great scale without compromise on quality or schedule. With Competentum, Learning Management Systems are always a smarter solution that beats your expectations and competing services.

The team excels in more than 15 programming languages. These include - Java, JavaScript, C#, PHP, Python, Ruby and Perl. We create platforms for all existing operating systems and browsers. You name it – we deliver it!

Competentum offers:

  • Innovative LMS solutions for all kinds of academic or corporate environments.
  • New functionality and modules for existing platforms and tools. Proven to boost LMS competitive value.
  • Support for all existing platforms and a wide variety of installed modules.

Competentum has developed high-level education platforms for clients such as Pearson Education, Cengage Learning, Macmillan Publishers, McGraw-Hill Education, John Wiley & Sons, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and many more.

What people say about us

This is honestly amazing how Competentum team were able to edit and narrate the material so seamlessly. I am impressed!!

Victoria Garvey | Associate Editor

Have found the team to be very capable. Their passion for taking care of important issues quickly has been much appreciated.

Robert Chen | Software Engineering Manager

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