Gamification in e-Learning: 3 great cases.

Read real stories on how to drive motivation among students with gamified resources.

ADA Section 508 in e-Learning: the Next Step towards a Better Education

Read how to use the latest accessibility features to create amazing e-Learning for everyone.


We have an innovative tool that turns your old legacy based courses into new mobile-friendly learning materials.

Multiple Devices in e-learning

Read about what we have accomplished in the field and how we are planning to develop the future of the global e-Learning trend.

Cutting Edge Voice Assessment Recognition Tool

21st-century technology innovation has influenced the teaching and learning process dramatically. The internet and cloud storage have largely replaced binders and books. Traditional chalkboards have nearly disappeared and most textbooks have become interactive.

Innovative Handwriting Assessment Recognition Tool

Most of today’s modern education consists of teaching and evaluating what the student has learned. Assessment is a vital part of the process, as it tracks the learner’s progress and can identify stumbling blocks.

The Ultimate Guide to Mobile Frameworks

Learning to make the right decision requires understanding how each type of development works and how it affects the result.

Innovative UGML-based Technology for Juicy Animation

UGML makes it possible to develop high quality animations while having fallbacks to other HTML5 based technologies like Canvas or CSS when vector based animations are not feasible.  This technology effectively addresses the challenges companies face around rendering HTML5 content, the quality of graphical elements and the limitations of different devices around vector art.

Agile Content Development in the Digital Age

We have all seen the news headlines involving the struggles of many publishing companies as they make the shift from print to digital, and their impact on the bottom line. At Competentum, we see a benefit for educational publishers to make the shift to agile, or iterative, content development, to help address these struggles.