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Corporate Performance Review

With over 20 years in e-Learning, Competentum developed a library of corporate courses and many advanced systems for HR development.

The Company transforms an evaluation cycle from an excruciating administrative load to a cooperative, ongoing and easy process, one that helps to form a high-performance culture where employees are focused on delivering exceptional results.

To fulfill this level of corporate educational resources, Competentum integrates:

  • A highly adaptive testing solution with testbank authoring tools, various answer types, and in-test images and animation assimilation.
  • Testbanks that make it possible to tag and combine test questions into groups and display reports for each of the groups.
  • Automated result analysis that helps to assess user characteristic, available to the instructor/manager upon test submission.
  • Report generator with the choice of features both of qualitative and quantitative nature.

What people say about us

"Competentum Group has taken an active role in the development of CengageNOW learning management system and its content http://www.cengage.com/now.

Competentum has always been a responsive, reliable, and preferred vendor. Competentum in addition to being a preferred vendor for CengageNOW has partnered with many Cengage technology initiatives and customer solutions.

This online teaching and learning resource has been successfully integrated with other Cengage Learning online resources and has been engaged by more than half a million users this year.

Competentum Group is a key reason for CengageNOW’s success, indeed our entire organization. I am proud to partner with Competentum."

Tom Grega | Director of Product Development

I think developing complex algorithms for business statistics is one of the team's strongpoints.

Chris Valentine | Media Developer

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