Competentum Group is a global industry leader with over twenty years of experience. Over the years, the company has proved itself as a turnkey education technology provider. Loyal to the tradition, the team sees its goal in creating innovative educational products of the highest quality.

New Horizons

Competentum Group acquired Mobile Learner Labs to strengthen our leadership in the mobile development arena and expand our expertise in K-12 education and publishing.

Partner of the Year in Education

Received a CEE Partner of the Year Award from Microsoft for the second time in a row and maintained the Golden Partner status for seven straight years.

New Generation Corporate LMS

Competentum Group has developed a series of Corporate LMS offerings.

New Markets

OpenTeach merged with Competentum, a corporate training services provider, to form Competentum Group (Competent-um). To date, the company had released over 10 new products, translated into 8 languages and distributed in 14 countries.

Interactive Simulation Library

An online library of educational simulations OpenCollege.com is launched to support students and teachers across the world.

Global Growth

OpenTeach Software is incorporated in Delaware to facilitate international expansion and to serve Higher-Ed and professional publishers.

The Beginning

Physicon Ltd is established by Dr. Natalia Soboleva.


Our management

  • Natalia

    President, Founder
  • Ellen

    Vice President of Sales
  • Michael

    Vice President of Sales
  • Dmitry

    COO, Products and Services
  • Emil

    Managing Director
  • Olga

    Director, Production
  • Alla

    Head of Custom Solutions
  • Sergey

    Head of Business Development
  • Roman

    Program Manager
  • Valeria

    Head of Content Development
  • Denis

    Head of Software Development
  • Xenia

    Marketing Manager

What people say about us

"Competentum Group has taken an active role in the development of CengageNOW learning management system and its content http://www.cengage.com/now.

Competentum has always been a responsive, reliable, and preferred vendor. Competentum in addition to being a preferred vendor for CengageNOW has partnered with many Cengage technology initiatives and customer solutions.

This online teaching and learning resource has been successfully integrated with other Cengage Learning online resources and has been engaged by more than half a million users this year.

Competentum Group is a key reason for CengageNOW’s success, indeed our entire organization. I am proud to partner with Competentum."

Tom Grega | Director of Product Development

"The simulations are really nice. I am pleased very much to work with this talented group."

Professor Alan Van Heuvelen | Department of Physics

Have found the team to be very capable. Their passion for taking care of important issues quickly has been much appreciated.

Robert Chen | Software Engineering Manager

Competentum is quick to respond to emails, always helpful, and thoughtful. Project Manager goes above and beyond to help out and always gives very useful feedback and advice.

Elizabeth Woods | Content Developer

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