Software Development

Algorithm-driven Assessments

Exploring new ways to create a better learning experience, Competentum offers sophisticated assessment software. The team creates resources that are widely recognized as the new generation End of Chapter exercises. Because our experts combine subject matter expertise and development skills, the assessment algorithms are always pedagogically and scientifically accurate. That also helps to integrate innovative assessment features into your education environment.

Competentum can make your assessments exciting and dynamic with:

  • Multiple level questions.
  • Problem types beyond the common multiple choice.
  • Options ranging from drag and drop activities to graphing tools.
  • Complex problem types designed to assess student performance in virtual labs.
  • Incorporates the Common Core State and similar standards.

In addition to proprietary software integration, the team is able to incorporate externally developed tools into your resources. Some of the successful integrations are Box 3D, MarvinSketch, Jmol, MolDraw, Maple, and Mathematica.

What people say about us

"Competentum Group has taken an active role in the development of CengageNOW learning management system and its content http://www.cengage.com/now.

Competentum has always been a responsive, reliable, and preferred vendor. Competentum in addition to being a preferred vendor for CengageNOW has partnered with many Cengage technology initiatives and customer solutions.

This online teaching and learning resource has been successfully integrated with other Cengage Learning online resources and has been engaged by more than half a million users this year.

Competentum Group is a key reason for CengageNOW’s success, indeed our entire organization. I am proud to partner with Competentum."

Tom Grega | Director of Product Development

Working with the MLL team (Competentum Group) was a pleasure. Throughout the process, and during the maintenance phases, communication has been consistently excellent.

Melissa Axelson, Project Manager, Edmentum Inc

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